Meat by the Pound

Whole Beef Brisket $21.48 per pound

Average beef brisket is seven pounds. * Whole brisket onsite requires a separate attendant

Chopped Beef Brisket with Sauce on the Side $21.48 per pound

Chopped beef brisket sauced

Pulled Pork with Sauce on the Side $15.19 per pound

Pulled pork with sauce on the side

Pulled Rib “Everything but the Bones” Sauced $19.53 per pound

Pulled ribs “Everything but the Bones” with sauce

Pulled Chicken “Sauced with a Zing” $13.02 per pound

Pulled chicken “Sauced with a Zing”

Smoked Chicken Salad “Cold and Simple” $14.11 per pound

Smoked chicken salad with mayo, red onion and seasoning

Pork Belly Lightly Sauced $19.53 per pound

Pork belly rich, sweet flavor and lightly sauced   

Frank’s Backyard BBQ Sauce

2 – 4 oz of sauce is included with each pound. Additional sauce available; 8 oz for $2.71 and 16 oz for $5.43

Sides By the Half Pan

(Feeds approximately 15 people at six ounces per portion)

Smokey Beans     $21.70

Half pan of Smokey Beans

Smokey Garlic Potatoes    $21.70

Half pan of Smokey Garlic Potatoes

Smokey Brussels Sprouts     $35.80

Half pan of Smokey Brussels Sprouts

Garlic Cole Slaw (Vinegar Based)     $26.04

Half pan of Garlic Cole Slaw (vinegar based)

Creamy Mayo Slaw     $26.04

Half pan of Creamy Mayo Slaw

Cheesy Spicy Corn     $29.30

Half pan of Cheesy Spicy Corn

Frank’s Mac & Cheese     $37.98

Half pan of Frank’s Mac & Cheese

Southern Style Green Beans     $35.80

Half pan of Southern Style Green Beans

Prices and menu items are subject to change.

On-Site Set Up and Service Fees  $225 – $450

Includes Transport (20 miles radius, plus $1.19 per mile after) Set up and tear down – approximately two hours, Rental of Equipment (serving tables, table skirts, chafers, fuel, baskets, etc.)

On-Site Attendant Fee  $66 – $165 per hour

Includes two to five servers with Buffet Service of Food for 1 – 2 hours

Plate and Utensil Fee  $2.17 per person 

Includes plate, fork. knife, spoon, napkins, wet napkin and salt/pepper


Twelve (12) package of S Rosen white hamburger buns $8.68

Twenty-four (24) package of slider buns $9.49

Prices and menu items are subject to change.

NWI Times Best of Region BBQ Franks Backyard BBQ Cedar Lake In
Best of Region 2020 BBQ Third Place Franks Backyard BBQ Cedar Lake In

Frank’s Backyard BBQ

What began as Rob Schrum pursuing his passion for barbecuing has turned into a full-time focus. He and his wife, Patty Schrum, co-own the family business Frank’s Backyard BBQ in Cedar Lake.

Franks Backyard BBQ Cedar Lake Indiana Early Years

“It came from cooking out in our backyard with our friends and neighbors. Everybody loved it and it blew up. Everybody was telling him how good it was”

“Our menu is not large, just honed in on the quality of the food. It’s simple and fresh.”

“We just want to keep it family-oriented. It’s true wood-fired barbecue, which makes it authentic. It’s a flavor thing,”

Hours of Business

Frank’s Backyard BBQ is open weekly Wednesday thru Saturday (11:00-8:00 pm) and Sundays (11:00-6:00 pm).

Call us at 1-219-552-1275 during our business hours. We are located at 13106 Wicker Ave, Rt 41, Cedar Lake, Indiana. Stop by our restaurant for carry out, eat outdoors (weather permitting) or have us cater your next event.

Franks Backyard BBQ Cedar Lake Indiana